SkilSaw Mag77

The tool that changed carpentry forever. A versatile, timeless, production monster of a tool. I literally don’t leave home without it, I have used a saw like this nearly every day for 40 years, and while I have in fact tried other saws - they are no match. Skil has enormous experience with circular saws, as they were among the first to introduce them in the 1940s.  While the name 'Skil' no longer has the authority of former days, their circular saws are still the industry leader. Use the saw that changed construction forever. Larry Haun did!

Channel Lock Ironworkers Pliers (wire tie-ers)

Never think that you can tie re-bar efficiently with ordinary pliers. Gotta be spring loaded! These are perfectly balanced and bullet-proof. There are design characteristics that can only be understood by using them, and that then become indispensable! I modify mine my removing the rubber sheath from the top handle. This creates a useful lever for tightening wire (insert handle between two wires and rotate). I keep a pair in every toolbox, and the uses are virtually endless. I wouldn't recommend using them for electrical work however, make sure you get proper electricians linesman pliers with a fully insulted handle for THAT work. 

Porter Cable Stapler

Inexpensive, utterly reliable, compact, durable, and useful as heck. Staple off a roof or repair cabinets and wooden furniture. Build picture frames and small boxes with ease. The gun is all metal and feels indestructible. Occasional jams clear easily. I have about 10 years into this one, with no maintenance other than regular air-tool oil. 

DeWalt Portable Band Saw

A very handy tool, that can at times be downright heroic. You will be amazed how many uses you find for this. Well built, heavy, cost effective, quailty tool. The variable speed adjustment, and built in work light is especially useful. Often starting a cut requires a slower spin rate, and this tool accommodates that easily. Heavy bumpers and aluminum guards increase the durability... in my shop this tool is almost always sitting on the floor and the bumpers  protect it nicely. I like it.