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If you are receiving value from the content we create - please consider becoming a regular supporter! It may be hard to believe but creating this content is a full time effort for both both of us. An insane amount of hours go into filming, recording narration, editing and post production, the travel from Arizona to Oregon, maintaining all of our social media accounts, reviewing edits and drafts of videos, creating the music that accompanies our videos....not to mention the spec house and work that you see in the videos! This is a labor of love, and we are very moved and humbled at the goodwill people are getting from these videos. We get enormous satisfaction from helping people connect or reconnect with the various aspects of craftsmanship, and hope to continue creating this content for a long long time. It is the support of our viewers that will allow us to do this. 



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Access to the Essential Craftsman Private Facebook Group

  • Access to all costs from the Spec House
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Access to unreleased and Behind the Scenes EC Videos. 

Priority messaging and responses from my private email address

25% Discount On Cy Swan Knives



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In Addition To All Perks from Previous Tier:

  • Free Stickers and Carpenter Pencils 
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In addition to all perks from previous tier:

  • Story Delivery To Essential Craftsman's Audience:
    • Phone call with Scott time! Our idea here is to talk about a mentor who inspired you and made an impact on your life. If you have a tool or specific memory or story from this individual that would be ideal. Scott will then read or relay this story to our audience. We can chat about this on the phone - and if you are not interested, that is just fine as well!

Should I Support Here Or On Patreon?

The perks provided to supporters here are the very same as those provided to our Patreon Supporters! If you would prefer to support us at Patreon - you will not be missing out on a single thing! 

Can I make a one time donation?

Absolutely! This Link will take you to a place where you can do that. Before you do, here is one thing to think about. Our income from YouTube varies a LOT from month to month. Trends, injuries, sickness, personal problems, holidays, family gatherings, and even politics within YouTube, and individual video performance makes our income very inconsistent.  In an environment with this much volatility, a contribution of $1 for five months provides more stability than a single contribution of $5, and allows us to have a little more stability.  


Why do you have this here AND on Patreon?

We don't want to be too reliant on any platform that is out of our control. By supporting us here you are helping us become self reliant. 


I represent a company, can we sponsor EC to promote our product?

Essential craftsman loves to promote products that we have a lots of experience with. If you think that might be you, please get in touch!

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