Square Concrete Stakes

The uses for concrete stakes are endless. You will be utterly amazed how often you find a need for these simple tools. You may already know that SQUARE stakes are vastly superior to round steel stakes. If this is news to you, please watch the video below. 

What will I Use Them For?

  • Forming concrete
  • Anchoring and securing items
  • Anchoring shoring
  • Anchoring tents and shade awnings
  • Securing the bottom of a ladder
  • Establishing string lines for layout
  • Staking trees and landscaping
  • Anchoring temporary signage
  • Prybar or leverage tool
  • Creating temporary signs
  • Dozens of uses while camping
  • Poking things
  • Can be used as a crude chisel
  • Straight edge
  • Clamp to table to act as a fence
  • Secure boat at a beach dock
  • Quick Game of Horseshoes

Why Square Concrete Stakes?

  • The edge can be used to cut string
  • String ties more securely to square stakes
  • A tape measure can hook on
  • Flat side of stakes mates better to forms
  • Easier to straighten if bent
  • Will accept a crescent wrench if stuck
  • Won’t roll around in a truck
  • Can ‘cut’ bent nails out from other stakes
  • Can be used as slide rails when cooking in forge
  • Easily recognize your stakes on the jobsite – everyone else's stakes are round!

The best place to purchase square concrete stakes is at a concrete supply store. Doing this allows you to buy exactly the right amount the first time, and avoid paying shipping. If you have searched high and low, and still can't find square concrete stakes, you can buy them from us. These stakes come directly from Hogan Company, which is the last remaining manufacturer of square concrete stakes in the US. Their stakes are the absolute highest quality, and the very ones I have used for over 30 years. Concrete stakes are puc