Ribbon Burner
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Ribbon Burner

A ribbon burner is quieter, more efficient, and longer lasting than a traditional pipe-style burner. There is no steel in contact with forge temperatures, which means no scaling and degrading of burner components. I have two of these burners in my forge, which is about 7,000 cubic inches. 

The ribbon burner is 3” wide, 12 ¼” long and 4 ½” deep. The plenum is made of 3/16” thick 3" x 3" steel tubing. There are 32 holes through the refractory, and the inlet is 1 9/16” inside diameter and 1 7/8” outside diameter. 

The refractory is rated to over 3,000 degrees. My burners have been in place for years and show no visible signs of wear or deterioration. 

Ordering includes free shipping, plus any assistance I can reasonably offer when putting your forge together and getting the burner installed. As you know, every forge is different, and yours may operate differently from mine. 

If you would like to build a forge like mine, then hang in there! We should have plans and a material list ready very soon.