Retaining Walls

This is the process we went through to solve the retaining and site issues on our lot. By constructing our retaining system this way we increased the size of the build-able significantly, solved every drainage/slope/and retaining need in a permanent (and attractive) fashion.


Episode 7

All about Excavation, excavation contractors (vs renting equipment), benching, and more. This is the official breaking ground video of our house building project!


Episode 8

Setting an edge form on the upper retaining wall. This concrete work is for the retaining wall that will be behind the house. 


Episode 9

Compacting the soil underneath the footer, using a plate compactor and gravel. Learn about basalt, compaction, and why it is important. 


Episode 10

This work is on the lower footer, of the south retaining wall. This is also an edge form, but we are utilizing OSB and turnbuckles. Also learn about that mystery drain pipe. 


Episode 11

The city has hooked up a water meter, and we are now able to connect and access water. Learn about water meters and how they work. 


Episode 12

These footers have a significant amount of rebel, and it is important that is is located exactly in the right locations. Learn about tying rebar, how to suspend, the tools we are using, development length, and more. 


Episode 13

In this episode Scott teaches how to form bulkheads, how strong your forms should, how to use a story pole and builders laser, 


Episode 14

Learn how to order concrete, how to estimate volumes, what types of admixtures can be ordered, and how much concrete we are going to be pouring for he footings of our retaining wall. 


Episode 15


Episode 16


Episode 17


Episode 18


Episode 19


Episode 20