8 Things To Know Before Hiring A Contractor


Hiring the right contractor is the most important decision you will make in determining the outcome of your project. Working with a contractor is different than working with most other professionals. You and your contractor undertake a your project on together, as partners. 

Nothing will have a bigger impact on the outcome of your project than the individual you hire, and how you are able to work with that person. Contracting is a risky venture for all involved parties, and there are numerous pitfalls and traps. This course is designed to educate and prepare you as a customer, in order to protect and ensure the best possible outcome. 

    Things you will learn in this course:  

    • How to find a great contractor
    • What to look for in a contractor's bid, and what the bid document says about the contractor.
    • The most common mistake people make when hiring a contractor. 
    • Things you can do from the first minute, that will result in a lower initial bid from contractor. 
     Instructed by Scott Wadsworth of Essential Craftsman

    Bonus Items Included an No Extra Cost!

    • MP3 audio version of the entire course so you can listen on the go!
    • Shareable password means you can give access to your family members, and share between devices!
    • Kindle eBook version of entire course!
    • Project Checklist to use on your project!



    10 videos modules Include:

    1. How to Find a Contractor.
    2. Licensing, Bonds, and Insurance
    3. Before You Start Getting Bids
    4. How Does a Contractor Come Up with a Bid
    5. Things you Can Learn from A Bid Document
    6. Can I Negotiate A Contractors Bid?
    7. How Quickly Build Trust In Contractor
    8. How to Manage Payment Safely
    9. Things to Remember
    10. Red Flags