8 Things To Know Before Hiring A Contractor


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Hiring the right contractor is the most important decision you will make in determining the outcome of your project. Working with a contractor is different than working with most other professionals. You and your contractor undertake a your project on together, as partners. 

Nothing will have a bigger impact on the outcome of your project than the individual you hire, and how you are able to work with that person. Contracting is a risky venture for all involved parties, and there are numerous pitfalls and traps. This course is designed to educate and prepare you as a customer, in order to protect and ensure the best possible outcome. 


I knew and would have done most of the items in here instinctually.....but there were a couple things that I had never considered and were very very valuable. Thank you!!
— Julian King
Gave me the confidence to move forward with building a house! Thank you!
— Fake Reviewers
This was the best money I spent on my project. I can think of 3 separate occasions where information from this course saved my project
— Mr. Fake Reviewer, Orange County, CA

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