Green Valley Forge

If you’re looking for a beautiful, functional, and utterly unique knife, then you’ll want a knife made by Cy Swan, who crafts tools of the highest quality that become family heirlooms!

What you can expect

Everything that comes from Green Valley Forge is designed with function as the primary driver. For knives, this means a knife that is perfectly suited for the work intended. A camping knife needs to be tough and versatile. A hunting knife needs to be light and strong, yet reliable in case of emergency. A skinning knife needs to be comfortable and proportional, as well as have proper lines for maximum efficiency when dressing or skinning game or beef – and it's got to hold an edge.

No one is more aware of what makes a great knife and more focused on function than Cy Swan, and owning a handmade knife created by him is a privilege.

Cy, the knife is beautiful. Can’t wait to put it to work ... in the meantime, I enjoy having it with me at my desk. Thanks!
— Nate

Essential Craftsman is not making money from the sale of Cy's knives. we are promoting them because we are fans of Cy and his work!