Blacksmith Apron

A gorgeous gift for a blacksmith or fabricator of any caliber, this apron is patterned off of the apron Scott has been using for over 12 years. The apron is heavy, thick, and virtually indestructible. The only downside is the break-in period for a piece of leather like this. Owning this apron will bring you joy every time you enter your workspace, and will become iconic to your shop and work. Tools like this are expensive and hard to come by, just like anything else of real quality.

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What Back Style Should I Get?

A loop neck apron is easier to take on and off. You simply place it over your head and attach the belt and leg straps. The trade-off is that the weight of the apron is carried on your neck. This is the style that Scott uses.

An X-back strap takes a little more care putting on, but it is more comfortable. The straps secure the apron over your shoulders so that the head and neck are completely free from the weight of the apron.

Price Increase: The water buffalo leather we originally designed the apron around was coming from the tannery too stiff. We have upped the leather to cow hide - Full Grain. This legendary leather is both softer and more flexible.

The ultimate gift for a blacksmith of any caliber… unless you are shopping for a power-hammer! The leather work is done by a good friend, Steve Harris. Steve is a saddle maker and a craftsman in every sense of the word. You can learn about him and see his other work here. Steve has a fascinating history in leatherwork, and it is a privilege to have him craft these aprons. Using top grain, chrome tanned water buffalo leather (recommended for horse collars and saddle bags) and durable non-corrosive saddlery hardware, these aprons will last a lifetime or maybe two and are only made once they are ordered. Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion and delivery. Each apron will be signed and dated by Scott Wadsworth, and stamped with the Essential Craftsman touch-mark.

This is a tool that will last a lifetime.